A clear mission for the future

Tommasin has introduced industry 4.0 equipment to experiment new working models and optimize its production processes.
By improving the quality and investing in human resources, the company offers the highest quality standards to its costumers on a worldwide staget, offering the latest cutting edge processes in the field of dished heads.


We offer the highest standards in the world of dished heads.

The company produces over 2500 orders per year, the company's commitment is supported by its human resources workforce and spirit of enterprise aimed at the excellence. These attitudes permitted to earn important certifications, such as the ASME "U" STAMP and the TUV, which highlight the quality of execution and safety of products, from the raw material to the finished and proven dished head. Our production processes are based on sustainable and eco-friendly practices focused on health and safety, for a lower environmental impact and sustainable development.

We care about our team

The company adopts policies of excellence and plans annually a ongoing training of our personnel. The craftsmanship and expertise in the dished heads production outline the profile of the operators who work in our factories. A special focus is on the staff training about safety standards in the workplace, to protect the team and the person.

Flexibility, reliability and punctuality.

The value of the introduction of robotic and automated processes 4.0 is a plus that ensures to our plant high performance and rating certificates. that guarantee the highest safety and quality standards worldwide. Programmable implementation times, final product quality and delivery on time.

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