The guarantee of a product certified by the highest standards in the world.

The company produces over 2500 orders per year, the company's commitment is supported by human resources in the workforce and spirit of enterprise aimed at the excellence. These attitudes have earned important certifications, such as the ASME "U" STAMP and the TUV, which highlight Tommasin's cimmitment to quality and products safety, from the raw material to the finished dished heads.


A 10-years quality−certifications and standards

Tommasin has been producing dished heads since 1978 and has a decades of expertise, with high production standards and quality work carried out according to the standards and compliance with the most strict certifications

(standard 9001-international standard on Quality Management Systems, TUV in the field of system and product certification, and ASME "U" STAMP div.1 and div.2-reference standards for manufacturers of pressure vessels for gas and fluid treatment).


Dished heads
High-quality products

The Company Tommasin is able to realize every type of dished heads (dished, hemispheric, flat, conical), and meet the most complex and difficult needs, thanks to custom solutions developed in collaboration with the customer, realized with high-quality technologies of the field and all the artisanal experience of the team.

We care about our team

Tommasin company adopts policies of excellence and plans annually a ongoing training of specialized personnel. The craftsmanship and expertise in the production of the dished heads outline the profile of the operators who work in our factories. A special focus is on the staff training on safety standards in the workplace, to protect our team and the person.

A certified quality

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