We invest in training and craftsmanship

Ongoing training and craftsmanship are the basis of our company policy. Tommasin decided to invest in staff professional development, both in the production and clerical sectors, through training and training courses. The different acquired skills combine industrial precision with care and artisanal attention to details.


We believe in the competencies of the team

We believe that every person worth and cultivate that idea encouraging ongoing dialogue between our employees - selected people part of a solid team with a strong relationship beyond the workplace. Every person's training is integrated with process digitalization and equipment 4.0 to make everyone a competent and attentive professionist.

We aim to specialized craftsmanship

Thanks to over-40-years experience, Tommasin company offers a solution to any problem linked to dished heads production of any shape and size. Therefore we have renovated and improved our work approach to meet a more and more attentive and customer demand, uisng a thorough craftsmanship specialization.

A certified quality

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