The industry 4.0 is Tommasin's core business

Tommasin has higly invested in machineries to optimize and integrate equipment 4.0, and significantly digitalize the productive process. Tommasin's products are costantly verified and delivered on time to fit perfectly with customers' needs.


Automation and robotization (bending machines and pressure vessels)

Tommasin company has been investing in production automation to improve the performance quality and reduce the waste. The automation permits the control in real time and produce static analysis that represents a plus for our customers. Tommasin is the company that has invested the most in dished heads industry 4.0, in the northeast.

Processes digitalization

The use of cutting-edge technologies to project and manage the processes makes Tommasin able to schedule a timeline and verify the realization of the production.

Tommasin uses "MyTOM" App to do that, and the “T€masys” one (Tommasin Economic Management System) to manage the economy.

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