General Notes about our products

Each of our dished heads is designed by Tommasin to be customized according to each of our customers' needs. In the section below you can find the following information:
- Overall heights
- Processing tolerances
- Tables of bevels
- Supply conditions

Overall heights

DISHED HEAD TYPE: Td (Torosherical head 1:10) | THEORETICAL THICKNESS: 20 |  TRAILER WIDTH (L2): 2450

DISHED HEAD TYPE: Te (elliptical head 2:1) | THEORETICAL THICKNESS: 20 | TRAILER WIDTH (L2):2450

Supply conditions


Dished heads can be produced with our material or with our customer’s material.
The dished heads are supplied entirely in a single piece if the disc-cutting is smaller than the commercial size of the plate; if the dished head is welded, the weld will be positioned to have as little scrap as possible, otherwise the position of the weld must be agreed at the time of the request.
For dished heads processed on account, the development of the necessary disc must always be required.
For supplies of funds with uses according to the PED 97/23 / EC directive, according to the TUVAD2000 W0 code or according to ASME, we recommend a detailed request for an offer to facilitate our response.
All dished heads are normally supplied by us with raw edge and centering hole, unless otherwise specified.
If not specified in the offer, or in the order, the thickness is always considered “starting”.

Processing tolerances


Table of bevels




Download table

Bevels table

Tommasin offer numerous beveling options for you. We realise precise and high-quality bevels, from the simplest to the most complex ones.


Manufacturing tolerances

Tommasin is synonym of transparency and accurate manufacturing. We provide our manufacturing tolerances to assist the customer in producing its productive process.


Supply conditions

Discover our variety of dished heads manufacturing and supply models. Our products fit our costumers' needs since they are manufactured with attention for the details, from bevels and holes, to high-quality materials.

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