New press: a new Big Press for a small product


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New press for steel dished heads: a big press for a small product.

The market for dished heads in stainless and carbon steel is characterized by an infinite range of products.

This peculiarity determines thar each machinery used in production is aimed at the creation of specific products, whith particular attention to dished heads.Some of our machines must therefore be designed and built on a “tailor-made” level, whith specific characteristics requested by us.

In order to continuosly renew the equipment used in production towards an Industry 4.0 logic, Metal Forming Master S.r.l. is building for us a new press aimed at forming small dimensions.

It will be installed in the factory in Fermi’s street , whith the aim of creating a new production line ( initially only forming and edging dished heads, subsequently also polishing) in addiction to the existing one, relating to sheet metal cutting.

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