Large dished heads and ASME U-STAMP certification: not only an international standard!


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For the realization of products such as tanks and boilers, and for all other pressure vessels (so-called “pressel vessels” in English), it is necessary to follow the ASME U-STAMP certification (standard drawn up by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers) in order to obtain a safe and high quality product.

This standard is strictly connected to our production activity since, both a documentary (Partial data Report) and a manufacturing point of view, the maximum care is necessary to realize the dished heads required for these equipments – especially for large dished heads with welding, made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

Why is ASME U-STAMP certification important for large dished heads?

The application of ASME U-STAMP standard within our company is now 20 years old and since its implementation we have learnt to apply the high quality not only on equipments which were ASME U STAMP certified but also on all our products. In this way, we have been able to always guarantee high quality dished heads, especially if large and welded.

We would like to share a very important factor: we are still one of those very few manufacturers in Italy to have obtained this certification, guaranteeing our plant safety and producing international certified products.

For Tommasin company, ASME U-STAMP is not considered only a standard but also a working method applied on a daily basis, and we can observe every day its positive impact on our MES and T€MASYS informatic system reports.

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