Overall height

Tommasin has always been attentive to its customers' needs; thanks to our several years of experience we have created tables to facilitate dished heads transport. Indeed, we have defined for each purchased dished head diameter the stock amount on the transport means chosen by the customer. For us, customer care means also this: not only attention to every step of the production process, but also and above all following the customer with attention to guarantee a service that solves any problem and efficient in the production steps.

DISHED HEAD TYPE: Td (torispherical head 1:10) | THEORETICAL THICKNESS: 20 | TRAILER WIDTH (L2): 2450

DISHED HEAD TYPE: Te (fondo ellittico 2:1) | THEORETICAL THICKNESS: 20 | TRAILER WIDTH (L2): 2450


We facilitate your organization

Our customer care support function for customer satisfaction, made up of team od dedicated people, is fundamental for us. The assistance includes support during the dished head design phase, technical and regulatory support, ongoing updates on the work status, certifications and participation in the after-sales for a positive buying experience.

Safe transport provided for all our customers

Especially for large dished heads, we are specialized in providing the customer with all the technical tips (dimensions, weights, necessary means) as well as special steel frames for transport (both returnable and non-returnable). Since we export throughout the Mediterranean and Europe, we are specialized in creating the right supports for ship, road and container loading. We also manage, on request, the supply at the arrival.
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