A variety of services to fit our costumers' needs

The Company has been producing flat, hemispherical and conical heads for decades. Our customer services are meant not just during the manufacturing process but during sale and after sale phases, too. Our qualified staff is our company's jewel in the crown, and it will support you continuosly.

Our services

Since its foundation, the company has mantained a solid value: an attentive and active listening towards our costumers' needs. This is why over the years we have introduced valuable services dedicated to our costumers and to facilitate and support the production.
These custom care services are added to the other services we provide during the finishes, treatments, and test phases and other production specifications.

For us it's an imperative to satisfy our costumer during the production, sale and after sale phases. Therefore we activate specific programs and procedures in our work flow.


Ongoing attention to our customers' needs

Our corporate policy is based on a 360 degrees quality and pays particurlar attention to our customers' needs, by regular customer-satisfaction analysis and visits.
Tommasin supports the Customer constantly and with professionalism, and guarantees custom services and all the relevant documentation support is provided on request.

Integrated and certified production cycle

Our company guarantees to our costumers a certifed production from raw material (stainless steel, carbon steel, and allumminium) to the shipping packaging.
The core activity is based on a productive process of material forming. The production respects all the specifications on pressure vessels construction, to satisfy the costumer's needs in agreement with the law.

Try our professionalism

Send us all the datails of the dished heads you want to produce,
in less than an hour we will send you an offer based on your specifications. Non-binding!

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