Dished heads for tanks: the key to the future lies in process data


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When we talk about dished heads for steel tanks, we are talking about a very large production department with companies completely different between them depending on the size of the product. One of these is the production of so-called “rolled” dished heads, which are produced by “roller” edging machines and cold-formed process. This technology allows the forming of bottoms “millimetre by millimetre”, i.e. the capacity for an infinite range of sizes and without the need of large production batches.

But how far can we go with the technology applied to these industrial machines? The answer comes directly from one of the few players in this niche sector: “After forty-three years in this business, I can say that today, there is nothing more to be invented in terms of either the process or the technology of the machines,” says Roberto Tommasin, President of Tommasin & C. S.r.l. in Veggiano, Italy. S.r.l. of Veggiano (PD). “The road-map for the future in this sector sees only one way: Industry 4.0 and computerisation of processes, in order to become more competitive in the market and with a higher quality product.

Over the past two years, the Tommasin company has invested its own money to have 40% of its machines in Industry 4.0 and to equip the company with a computerised MES (Manifacturing Execution System). “An offgrid MES system with respect to the company ERP,” concludes Mr. Tommasin, “has been a winning choice that has allowed us to create a Taylor-made system for processing production data. We are not stopping. Next step? An APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) scheduler, a system for advanced planning and scheduling”.


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