Respect for present and future generations

Life and business, human and ethic worth of actions are the core priciples for Tommasin Family. The company is oriented to safeguard and improve the social-economic condition in the field where it operates, to preserve the suitable life-conditions into and out of the workplace.


Attention to staff and territorial value

The new welfare policies imposed at the regulatory level have made the company to be more pragmatic about all the initiatives aimed at improving the work-family relationship through benefits and rewards. By mutual agreement with the staff, the company sought to create, through work and training, a climate attentive to the nature of the people attached to their own traditions and culture.

We respect the environment around us

Our factory was able to reduce CO2 consumptions at the infrastructure level, also significantly, through the introduction of energy-efficient systems, and low-power machines. All our materials are certified by manufacturers and the waste resulting from disc cuts is stored and sold to metal recyclers that will use it again for other purposes.

Entirely sustainable and recyclable process

The industrial processes and various product processes do not involve the use of solvents, paints or glazes, that could risk being spilled or damage the environment with exhalations or dispersions in the atmosphere. We use cold treatments, with no fusion processing; a new factory allows us to separate the cutting lines from the rest of the supply chain to avoid material contamination.

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