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General notes and supplying conditions

1) Convex bottoms can be made with our material or with the material of the customer.

2) The bottoms are supplied whole in one piece if the cutting disc is smaller than the commercial format of sheets metal; if they are welded, the welding will be positioned so to have as less wastage is possible; contrary the position of the welding has to be agreed at the moment of request.

3) For the bottoms made on consignment, you always have to require to us the disc’s development necessary.

4) For supplying of bottoms with uses according to the rule PED 97/23/CE, according to the code TUVAD2000 W0 or according to ASME, we suggest a detailed offer's request for simplifying our reply.

5) All bottoms are usually supplied by us with raw rim and hole of centring, except different prescription.

6) If it isn’t specified in offer or order, the thickness is always considered "starting".

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