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Beading with hemmer

The working of the beading is made by oil-pressure hemmer.

The machine for the beading is composed by:
- 2 central pistons. The bottom one is provided with pin for centring and cap’s handle;
- 2 rolls: the first called beading roll that is fixed, the second called shape roll that is changed each time according to the ray required on the working bill.

Before of starting this working, we make the central hole of the spherical cap and we check its rim for highlighting cracking or defects caused by the cutting process; we remove them through grinding.

The beading can be made without centring hole. For this execution we put on the outside central part of the cap a plate with a special hole, through points welded to the electric arc using electrodes appropriate to the base material forming the cap.

When the working is finished, it is taken off removing the points of welding with cut-off wheel and the it is checked with liquids penetrating on pointing zones.

Tommasin for certain product’s feature on request of the customer makes bottoms without hole using a beading line with machine no needing nor hole neither centring plate for positioning the bottom, in fact with their oil-pressure they allow a correct locking of the bottom during the working.

The shape required is got in more wiping, pushing the beading roll that composes the cap near the shape roll.

At the end of working the ray achieved is checked through template previously constructed and the circumference of the bottom is also checked through metric washer changing the difference until to get the required sizes on the working bill.

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