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Introduction of the company

Tommasin & C. S.r.l. was born in Veggiano (Padua) in 1978.

This company stands out for its high technical competence. Thanks to this important quality, the company has been allowed to specialize successfully in the production of convex, hemispherical and conical bottoms, cold working shaped, made of carbon steel, austenitic steel and aluminium that are used for realizing tanks, cisterns for liquid and gas material. They are also used in different fields, for example: foundry, naval, dairy and much more.

Tommasin & C. S.r.l. extends for a structure of 3000 ms where all the production activities are concentrated. It is the core business of the company.

Convex bottoms made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper.

The production process starts from a careful compilation of production documents, then we give sheets metal to the cutting process. We collect the sheets metal, and, after a careful visual check of the material, we start the cutting process. The material passing this first step can be put to moulding or convexity working, if it is welded in more pieces. The production process continues in the unit of piercing and centring. The beading is the following step. It is made by oil-pressure hemmer and the border working is made by plasma or mechanically. The production process for convex bottoms finishes with the dimensional check for testing that sizes and rays are in conformity with the requests of customers.

Hemispheric bottoms made of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper

The material, approved during the checking phase, passes to the action of sectors' cutting, to the moulding of them at the press, then to the coupling of shapes, the cutting of excess, the welding, the bevelling and the production process ends with the dimensional check.

Conical bottoms made of carbon, stainless steel, aluminium and copper

This process is only different for the calendering of sectors using calender for getting conical and welded calendered plating, instead of using oil-pressure press, otherwise the process lines up the moulding of convex bottom.

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